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Dream Discotheques and Mood Lighting Systems - 1974

Dream Discotheques and Mood Lighting Systems 

Rob Dalton sent a letter to Hobo in 1974 in regard to his popular discos and Mood Lighting systems, which we covered in Hobo issue 3 February 1974.

Transcript of the letter - 

Dear Trev.
I am writing concerning the next issue of Hobo. Drop me a line and tell me when the next issue is out and I'll distribute in Rugby.

I should be grateful if you could include somewhere in the mag, some of the enclosed ads.

Best wishes Rob.

PS The 'Dream Machine' is now on the verge of being marketed all over Europe via international distributors.

Dream has now available three Dream lighting computers for hire, complete with all necessary lights, in addition to a whole range of liquid wheel, cassette and graphic effects projectors, strobes, UV and PA etc, of course our own unique high powered roadshows available for larger bookings.

We are now also offering a technical support service for those who are having trouble with their gear, whether it be sound or lights.

From Hobo Issue 3 February 1974


"Dream Discotheque appears, at first sight, to be just another disco unit but alas they have a phew innovations up their trouser legs. No, not a new form of contraceptive but a lighting computer for discos. Designed and patented by Rob Dalton, B. Eng.  M.I.E.E., C.E., M.I. E. E. E. (USA). This is one of the most advanced lighting systems in in Europe and has taken about two years to develop. The computer can be coupled with existing conventional equipment or any of the £2000 worth of equipment designed by Dream. The lighting computer itself costs in the region of £550 (Prices as at 1974!). Dream both sell and hire this equipment for mobile and fixed discos. They also do their own disco shows incorporating the gear, ie Becketts and Caesars in Nuneaton. If you are interested in this and want to know more, Dream can be contacted by phoning Rugby 3372, Rob Dalton, 20, Constable Rd."

From the Hobo Whatz On April 1974
Imperial Hotel, 165 Oxford Street, Rugby, Wednesdays Dream Discotheque, / Thursdays - Lanch's own Disco - DJ Captain Christmas.

NEW - I recieved an email from Mike Murphy oct ober 2015 - 

just found your blog because I was searching for Hanson's music shop as I
found a receipt from them in a box of 78's that I inherited from my parents.
We used to live in Rugby.

I notice that on your venues page there is mention of Captain Christmas DJ at
the Imperial Hotel in 1974. I was part of CC in the early 70's (mainly I think
because I was the only one who could correctly wire a mains plug). The main CC
people were Pete Thornley and Dave Proffitt. They split up many years ago; Pete
is an artist now and Dave is a UK althetics qualified coach.

I attach a scan of the CC business card from that early 70's time.

- Mike

Coventry Technical College Student Union Gigs 1974

In 1974, Hobo Magazine got a letter from PENNI - Ents sec. at Coventry Technical College for the
Students' Union regarding their gigs. 1974 saw the power cuts which affected a lot of things including the gig schedule and the Tech College, as can be seen from the letter.

Hobo carried a piece about the band in Issue No 3 February 1974 in the Brum Beat Column of that issue.
abstracted from a publicity sheet by Craig Ward of the Sunshine Music Agency in Coventry 1974 for Hobo magazine. Here is the original 'Bullsheet' written by Craig Ward.

Walrus Gumboot recorded live at Bogarts in Birmingham 1974 - sound quality not the best but gives a good idea of their sound and material in concert.

In a later issue of Hobo April 1974 we advertised another gig at the Coventry Technical College in the Whatz on.

Coventry Technical College April 5th Presents MERLIN live on stage with Glade Sounds Disco in the Refrectory, Albany Road, Coventry.

This is the B side of the card advertising their single.

Put my Spell on You - Merlin

"Merlin was a heavy rock band that moved down to London from the North East of England in 1970-1971. They had residencies at 'The Factory' in Leicester Square and The 'Scotch Of St. James' in that time. Apart from playing the circuit in London ie; Marquee, Temple, Ronnie Scotts, Hatchets etc. They also played the home counties and the university scene country wide. They broke up in the early 70's. The band had been together since 1967, playing locally in the North East and evolving into a very solid outfit. The final, and best line up of the band consisted of: Doug Haley (keyboard & vocals). Harry Bryzinski (Guitar). Colin Hall (Vocals). Bill Johnson (bass). Tommy Guthrie (Drums). Other members who passed through their ranks were: Des Long (Drums) Simon Wallace" (Drums)." William Johnson's_rock_band_Merlin

From at least 1972, when I played there, the Tech had a folk club in the Refectory until at least the late 70's.

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Coventry Discos in the 1970's

Coventry Discos in the 1970's

Some of these are entries or adverts from various issues of Hobo 1973 - 5 or material collected or from other sources.

From Hobo Issue 2 - August 1973 - Some places to go column.

"Mondays - Stereo progressive Disco, Boatyard, Gosford Street, Coventry  7.30 pm 10p."

Golem Disco
Rock, Soul etc. Dave Thomas, 56, Grafton Street, Coventry. (Advertised in Hobo Issue 3 February 1974 as below).

Monday, Thursday and Sunday. Over 21's Weddington Hotel, Weddington Rd. Nuneaton.
( Mentioned in the Whatz On in  in Hobo Issue 3 February 1974)

APOLLO CLUB, Tree Tops, Foleshill Road, Coventry. Monday Nights - DJ Pete Waterman.
(Mentioned in the Whatz On in  in Hobo Issue 3 February 1974 and in April 1974)

PETE WATERMAN'S SOUL CLUB at the Tree Tops, Foleshill Road, Coventry. Thursday Nights.
(Mentioned in the Whatz On in  in Hobo Issue 3 February 1974). By April 1974 it was called Soul Explosion (Hobo Whatz On April 1974)

TREE TOPS Foleshill Road, Coventry, Disco Monday nights - funky, soul pop, reggae with Tom Martin, Jeff Carvell and Mark Brown. From Hobo Whatz on July 1974.

TIFFANY'S (Formerly the Locarno). Monday and Friday nights disco with Philly Phreak PETE WATERMAN. From Hobo Whatz On July 1974.

CHARTERHOUSE DISCO - Pete Waterman and Mark Brown star in the ship shape disco at the Charterhouse, Terry Road, Coventry. Friday nights. (Mentioned in the Whatz On in  in Hobo Issue 3 February 1974). By April 1974, it was called Jolly Roger Disco (Hobo Whatz On April 1974).
The Charter House, Terry Road, Coventry.

BECKETTS - Chase Inn, Coleshill Road, Chapel End, Nuneaton. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. Top live bands and intimate Disc Jockey's. with Dream Disco Lighting. Craig Ward DJ (of Sunshine Music Agency, Gulson Road Coventry.).
(Mentioned in the Whatz On in  in Hobo Issue 3 February 1974)

CLIMAX Disco with DJ Malvin Preece. Coventry Precinct. Sunday Nights.
(Mentioned in the Whatz On in  in Hobo Issue 3 February 1974)

SOUNDS OF VENUS DISCO - 59, Craven Street, Coventry, 57347 / 89795
(Advertised in Hobo Issue No 3, February 1974 - small ad)
Also COVEN 74 at the Radford - Progressive music with Sounds of Venus Disco - From Hobo Whatz On April 1974.

322, Hipswell Highway, Coventry 455033.
(Advertised in Hobo Issue No 3, February 1974 - small ad)

66, Ivy Bridge Road, Coventry 411746
(Advertised in Hobo Issue No 3, February 1974 - small ad)

Paul Hooper (Ex Indian Summer) Coventry 75769
(Advertised in Hobo Issue No 3, February 1974 - small ad and full ad in Issue 4 1974)

Alistair Paul - Coventry 75721.

ACE DISCO at the Thistle, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. (In Hobo Whatz On April 1974)

OLD BALL DISCO at the Old Ball, Ball Inn. Rock n Roll. Monday nights. (From Hobo Whatz On April 1974)

The WALSGRAVE Disco and bands - Mondays and Tuesdays - From Hobo Whatz On April 1974.

CLOUDS DISCO at Courtauld's Social Club. From Hobo Whatz On April 1974.

Below, advert from hobo Magazine 1974 - colourised.

CLOUDS DISCO at the Sportsman's Arms, Allesley, Coventry,  Sunday nights. From Hobo Whatz On July 1974.

BIG SOUNDS DISCO at the Bear Inn, High Street Coventry. (Hobo Whatz On April 1974). Possibly Silk Disco. Friday Nights. in July 1974 issue of Hobo, it was on Friday nights.

GULLIVERS  Rock and Progressive Music - Friday nights at the Sportsman's Arms, Coventry. (Hobo Whatz On April 1974).

STEAM PACKET Tree Tops, Foleshill Road, Coventry. New Rock Venue with Heavy Disco. Featuring the best in Live Bands. 55p Students 25p. Direct Enterprises. (Hobo Whatz On April 1974.)

GOLDEN CROSS - Disco upstairs with John Bargent (Bow), Moonraker Disco. Hobo Whatz on April 1974.John was a co founder of Hobo with me in 1973. He ran Roguestar Promotions then (separate post on them coming up soon). he was also road manager for Khayyam (Coventry Jazz Rock outfit) on their European tour in the autumn of 1973. 

GLADE SOUNDS - They did the disco in 1974 for Coventry Technical College Student Union Gigs. More on those gigs on the post about Cov tech college gigs on here.

RADFORD HOTEL Wednesday disco - Soul and funky with Tom Martin and Jeff Carvell.

CHUMS Thursday Rock, prog disco by Silk (see separate post for them on here). High Street Coventry. From Hobo Whatz On July 1974.

BAGINTON SOUL EXPLOSION Thursday nights at the The Baginton Oak, Baginton Village, Coventry, with Pete Waterman.

Mr. GEORGE'S NIGHTCLUB Friday night with Pete Waterman.

ANTELOPE Motorcycle Club, Butts, Coventry. DJ's Tom Martin and Jeff Carvell. Tuesday nights - Rock n Roll. also Thurs, Sat, Sun Soul and Pop.

Advertised in Hobo small ads in 1974. Si Cook and Little John. This is the original info sheet that gave Hobo.

The Colin Campbell has a long history as part of the Coventry Music Scene right up to the present. In 1970 the upstairs room played host to the Village Disco and gigs with Top Prog DJ Malv Preece.

From Broadgate Gnome 1970

Advert from Hobo Magazine 1974.

Advert from Hobo Magazine in 1974

CONTACT DISCO - Alan Clark 1974.

Below, Advert in Hobo Magazine 1974

St. Osburg's Hall, Coventry with Desmond Dekker 9th August 1974 

Spode Sounds - Mobile Disco, Coventry 1974

Patatheque Promotions Coventry 1974

Discos took place at the weekends in The Jaguar, Tally Ho and the The Dive Bar (Lady Godiva) 1972 onwards.

Axis Disco - Mercers Arms - Henry's Blues House session 1971

Boatyard - Stereo Progresive Disco - Hand in Heart, Far Gosford Street.

Covern, Hare and Squirrel, New Union Street, 1972 - Rock Disco

Coven 74 club.Radford Hotel. Progressive music with Sounds of Venue Disco Weds 1974

Thursday nights 1972 Mandy's at the Royal Naval Club, Top Prog Gigs supported by The T. F. Much Disco. 

Imperial Hotel Rugby. Dream Disco and lights.

Trocadero, Weston Hall, Bulkington. Silk Disco Mon / Tues. 

Purple Haze Disco - Steve and Al Varney (bass player with Fission). Mostly based at the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club prior to 1972. Also same outfit known variously as Alisterpeda (with Pete Webb).

Discos at the Lanch Poly.
Count Down at the Baginton Oak 1972


John Bargent's (Bo's) disco c 1973

Above - A Hobo Workshop band list 1974 for Sept / Oct.

(Work in progress - to be continued)