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Dream Discotheques and Mood Lighting Systems - 1974

Dream Discotheques and Mood Lighting Systems 

Rob Dalton sent a letter to Hobo in 1974 in regard to his popular discos and Mood Lighting systems, which we covered in Hobo issue 3 February 1974.

Transcript of the letter - 

Dear Trev.
I am writing concerning the next issue of Hobo. Drop me a line and tell me when the next issue is out and I'll distribute in Rugby.

I should be grateful if you could include somewhere in the mag, some of the enclosed ads.

Best wishes Rob.

PS The 'Dream Machine' is now on the verge of being marketed all over Europe via international distributors.

Dream has now available three Dream lighting computers for hire, complete with all necessary lights, in addition to a whole range of liquid wheel, cassette and graphic effects projectors, strobes, UV and PA etc, of course our own unique high powered roadshows available for larger bookings.

We are now also offering a technical support service for those who are having trouble with their gear, whether it be sound or lights.

From Hobo Issue 3 February 1974


"Dream Discotheque appears, at first sight, to be just another disco unit but alas they have a phew innovations up their trouser legs. No, not a new form of contraceptive but a lighting computer for discos. Designed and patented by Rob Dalton, B. Eng.  M.I.E.E., C.E., M.I. E. E. E. (USA). This is one of the most advanced lighting systems in in Europe and has taken about two years to develop. The computer can be coupled with existing conventional equipment or any of the £2000 worth of equipment designed by Dream. The lighting computer itself costs in the region of £550 (Prices as at 1974!). Dream both sell and hire this equipment for mobile and fixed discos. They also do their own disco shows incorporating the gear, ie Becketts and Caesars in Nuneaton. If you are interested in this and want to know more, Dream can be contacted by phoning Rugby 3372, Rob Dalton, 20, Constable Rd."

From the Hobo Whatz On April 1974
Imperial Hotel, 165 Oxford Street, Rugby, Wednesdays Dream Discotheque, / Thursdays - Lanch's own Disco - DJ Captain Christmas.

NEW - I recieved an email from Mike Murphy oct ober 2015 - 

just found your blog because I was searching for Hanson's music shop as I
found a receipt from them in a box of 78's that I inherited from my parents.
We used to live in Rugby.

I notice that on your venues page there is mention of Captain Christmas DJ at
the Imperial Hotel in 1974. I was part of CC in the early 70's (mainly I think
because I was the only one who could correctly wire a mains plug). The main CC
people were Pete Thornley and Dave Proffitt. They split up many years ago; Pete
is an artist now and Dave is a UK althetics qualified coach.

I attach a scan of the CC business card from that early 70's time.

- Mike

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