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Coventry Technical College Student Union Gigs 1974

In 1974, Hobo Magazine got a letter from PENNI - Ents sec. at Coventry Technical College for the
Students' Union regarding their gigs. 1974 saw the power cuts which affected a lot of things including the gig schedule and the Tech College, as can be seen from the letter.

Hobo carried a piece about the band in Issue No 3 February 1974 in the Brum Beat Column of that issue.
abstracted from a publicity sheet by Craig Ward of the Sunshine Music Agency in Coventry 1974 for Hobo magazine. Here is the original 'Bullsheet' written by Craig Ward.

Walrus Gumboot recorded live at Bogarts in Birmingham 1974 - sound quality not the best but gives a good idea of their sound and material in concert.

In a later issue of Hobo April 1974 we advertised another gig at the Coventry Technical College in the Whatz on.

Coventry Technical College April 5th Presents MERLIN live on stage with Glade Sounds Disco in the Refrectory, Albany Road, Coventry.

This is the B side of the card advertising their single.

Put my Spell on You - Merlin

"Merlin was a heavy rock band that moved down to London from the North East of England in 1970-1971. They had residencies at 'The Factory' in Leicester Square and The 'Scotch Of St. James' in that time. Apart from playing the circuit in London ie; Marquee, Temple, Ronnie Scotts, Hatchets etc. They also played the home counties and the university scene country wide. They broke up in the early 70's. The band had been together since 1967, playing locally in the North East and evolving into a very solid outfit. The final, and best line up of the band consisted of: Doug Haley (keyboard & vocals). Harry Bryzinski (Guitar). Colin Hall (Vocals). Bill Johnson (bass). Tommy Guthrie (Drums). Other members who passed through their ranks were: Des Long (Drums) Simon Wallace" (Drums)." William Johnson's_rock_band_Merlin

From at least 1972, when I played there, the Tech had a folk club in the Refectory until at least the late 70's.

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