Saturday, June 16, 2012

Colin Campbell (Village) Now The Phoenix

The Colin Campbell (now called the The Phoenix) has long been a music venue - in the function room upstairs. In 1970, upstairs 'The Village' ran at the weekends with progressive or heavy bands on a Friday night and Saturday night and progressive disco on a Monday night. One of the DJ's was Malvin Preece who I had first met at the Umbrella Club. The Village continued to the mid 70's and between 1973 - 75 we advertised the Village in Hobo Magazine. In 1970 the Broadgate Gnome had run an ad for them.

The Lanchester Poly (now Coventry University) used the room for lunch time events during the Lanchester Arts Festivals during the early 70's - I recall a poetry reading featuring local and student poets with Adrian Mitchell guesting. The venue was used during the punk and Two Tone period and in 1981 there was folk club running there. More recently both contemporary acoustic artists, Kristy Gallacher and Emma Mcgann have run regular acoustic events there. Emma's venue is called Songbird.

Colin Campbell / Phoenix - source True Coventarian - Facebook page.

Ad in Hobo magazine 1974

Village 1970 - Colin Campbell Coventry

Ad from Hobo 1974

From Broadgate Gnome 1970

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