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Sonar Music 25th Anniversary - New Re-Releases on a Coventry Label 2009

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Sonar Music 25th Anniversary - New Re-Releases on a Coventry Label

"It only seems like 5 minutes ago when I was sitting on the floor of Cabin Studio with Dave Pepper, glueing and folding the sleeves of the 'Courtiers of Fashion' single which was the first release on the Sonar Label."

Release date - 1st November

Sonar Music - 25th Anniversary Music from Coventry Artists

This is an exciting project releasing our vinyl products to digital distribution via i-tunes, amazon, lastFM,, 7 digital and many more. The album will feature bands from the last 25 years and some rare recordings. The final track listing is as follows -

1. Stand Up - gdansk

2. Bed of Roses - She's the leader

3. Living on the edge - Armalite

4. Belladonna - Furious Apples

5. Courtiers of Fashion - Courtiers of Fashion

6. Liz's Song - Chris Aldridge

7. Go for the Jugular - Crokodile Tears

8. Obsessed by you - Blush

9. Freefall - 20 Days

10. Wasted - Laughing House

11. Peace Comin' On (ft Ziggy) Kenny Love

12. Understand You - City Dread

13. Don't be Scared - Viktoria's Sekrets

14. Chinese Whispers - Crokodile Tears

15. I wanna Know - Kenny B

16. Engineering - Furious Apples

17. Cathedral Lanes

Comments from Hobo Vox blog

I remember doing those single covers too! how times have changed! Im doing a Courtiers of Fashion thing here in the U.S. Ive just released a new CD, with one track called 'Help me Doctor' the outro is very similar to the old 83 track, tho at the time it was recorded here, I had no idea COF was being re-released! Hope the album over there does well for Cary! It was a great scene at that time! Good learning curve!. Is Cary still playing bass?

Posted by: Dave Pepper | 10/27/2009 at 01:13 AM

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