Monday, October 29, 2012

CBR Organisation - Coventry Music Agency

CBR Organisation was based at Victoria House, 2, Queen Victoria Road, Coventry - the other end of the block to the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club before the Umbrella club was demolished in 1972. The Director was C.L. Ridge.

I can't tell you a lot about CBR, except there is a link between the Umbrella and CBR in the Al Docker, when he was organising the friday night band nights at the Umbrella, at least on three occasions  I went with him to book some Birmingham bands for the Umbrella.

Advert in Coventry Evening Telegraph

The first was Tea and Symphony (follow link for info on this band) booked for the Umbrella little theatre for Friday 21st August 1970 with Coventry folk rock band April as support. April were resident at the umbrella in that they rehearsed there.

Tea & Symphony

The next was Ghost, (follow link for more info) another Birmingham band who played on Friday September 18th 1970 with Coventry progressive band Asgard. And later on Audience. I think we might have used them for the proposed second Umbrella Music Marathon in 1971 as we had some Birmingham bands lined up but the event didn't come off as the Umbrella was scaling down in preparation for a change of premises as the Umbrella club building was due for demolition towards the end of 1972.

There may have been more bands from the Coventry / Midlands area that we got from CBR but I can't remember all the sources of bands now. If someone has more information about this music agency, do get in touch!

CBR Organisation Victoria House Queen Victoria Rd Cov.

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