Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coventry Area Venues - via Pete Clemons

The following Coventry Area Venues are already covered on the Hobo - Coventry Gigs site which houses articles by Pete Clemons (Below) for the Coventry Telegraph.

Rocking at the Ritz - Coventry Venue

The Locarno

Pink Floyd at the Locarno 1972

Chuck Berry at the Locarno 1972

Chesford Grange Venue

Rocking at the Gaumont

Mercer's Arms - Music venue

Hotel Leofric - Venue

The Lanch - Lanchester Polytechnic gigs

Coventry Theatre

Nuneaton's Coop Hall

Matrix Ballroom - Coventry

History of the Kasbah - the orchid ballroom

Mr George's

The Walsgrave band nights

Coventry Cathedral Gigs

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